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  • If pets are collected after 10:30am – The full day is chargeable. From 1st November 2024 we are going over to industry standard and the day of check in and check out will be charged. 

  • Our boarding rates do not include food. We can supply for £1.50 per day per cat if requested however we do not hold a huge range in stock. If at any point your pet does not eat supplied food we will substitute this with our own supply at a cost of £1.50 per day per cat.

  • Proof of current 'core' vaccinations for Feline Panleukopenia, Herpes (Rhinotracheitis) and Calicivirus (minimum) must be presented on arrival at the cattery. Any failure to supply certificate will result in the unfortunate event of us refusing stay as unvaccinated cats are not covered by our insurance and is against our license requirements. Cats must of had a booster vaccination within 12 months with no breaks. Any cats restarting their vaccinations will need to wait for 14 days after their second vaccine before being able to board. The full booking will be liable for payment if we have to refuse board due to vaccination’s not being up to date. All kittens over the age of 6 months must be spayed/neutered.

  • Pets should be up to date with Veterinary Flea and Worm treatment. We reserve the right to refuse stay if your pet needs treatment. Treatment can be administered if your cat is due whilst staying with us but should be provided by the owner.  If your cat needs treating during its stay due to having flea’s we can provide this at a charge of £9.95. A deep cleaning fee will be charged at £20.00

  • If your pet requires medication, it is the owner's responsibility to supply enough medication for your pet's entire stay plus one week after in case of travel disruptions. If medication runs out during stay a £30 + mileage fee will be charged to source medication from your veterinary practice and the cost of medication will be the owners responsibility and will be added to the invoice.   

  • In any event that any pet requires medical attention we will do our upmost to contact the owner or emergency contact to discuss prior to vet visit however, We reserve the right to make decisions based on your pet's condition and welfare especially in the event of an emergency. If we have to visit the vet a flat rate of £30.00 charge is applicable for up to 2 hours plus travel at 65p/mile. Any further time is charged at £20ph. 
    Any new or existing conditions that are not caused by the cattery are not covered by the cattery insurance and therefore vet fee's are the owner's liability if veterinary care is required and must be reimbursed to the cattery on collection or before. 

  • A diabetic supplement is charged for any diabetic cats at £5.00 per day to cover the extra time spent doing observations and injections. We reserve the right to glucose test your cat if we are concerned of High or Low Blood Sugar at a cost of £2.00 a test. Diabetic cats must be boarded individually and we must have the most up to date profile from their vet before boarding is approved. 

  • The cattery is closed on Sunday’s & Bank Holidays. There is no collections or drop off’s on these days or outside of opening times. 

  • Customers are to secure their booking within 48hours of receiving confirmation by paying their deposit. If deposit is not received the allocation will be released for other’s to book.

  • Deposits are non refundable and non transferable if l4 full days or less notice is given for cancellation. Any cancellations of 48hours or less result in the full board being payable. Any booking that is reduced within 14 days of start date will still be charged.   
    Any period that is booked is chargeable. No deduction applies for early collections or late admittance. Please note: Prices increases are applicable on boarding start date not booking date. 

  • Pets MUST arrive and depart in a secure pet carrier. Lodge Farm Cattery holds no responsibility for your pet outside the cattery building.  

  • We do our best to accommodate preferred pen requests but at busy times this is not always possible. Pens are booked at a first come first serve basis based on the individual needs and quantity of pets per household and length of stay.  

  • We will from time to time use photo’s of your pet on social media and our website for advertising purposes if you would like us not to do so please do tell us. 

  • We are happy to update customers during their pet’s stay, please understand this is currently free and will only be during daytime hours and when we have time. The cat's care and wellbeing is and will always be our first priority.

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