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Rogue and I


Lodge Farm Cattery opened in 2002, following an extensive renovation of what was previously a chicken farm. Situated in the parish of Wendron, the Cattery is located in Calvadnack, a World Heritage site where the remnants of an Iron Age settlement exist to this day. Our farm is on private land and only accessible from a private lane. As we are a small cattery we really get to know your cat(s), their quirky ways and their likes and dislikes, Every cat is different just like us humans!

A family run business, now spanning two generations has seen the Cattery expand over the years. Starting out with just 5 cabins and gradually increasing to the 15 cabins we have today. We provide a quirky, homely feel with our creatively themed pens. 

1 XL Family Beach Hut ‘Captain Nemo's Pirate Shack’ (named after one of our kitty customers) which has over 10m2 of sleeping and exercise space indoors and outdoors!

4 Beach Huts with raised areas, hidey box, and access to a large outdoor catio,

6 Kitty Apartments with low raised areas, hidey box and level access to outside - perfect for elderly or disabled cats.

4 Kitty Cottages with raised areas, hidey box, and access to a large outdoor catio. 

All our pens have covered outdoor catios so your cats can enjoy the fresh air, wildlife and wonderful views of the countryside.

We provide wall mounted scratching posts, beds, blankets, play tunnels and toys, or you are welcome to bring your own.

We have full HD video surveillance on the premises for added reassurance that your cat is extra safe with us.

Since opening, our passion has always been to provide a safe home away from home where owners can be assured their cats will be comfortable whilst being able to enjoy the fresh air and wildlife on our farm. 

Please Note: 

All boarders must be up to date with their vaccinations against Feline Panleukopenia, Herpes and Calicivirus. Vaccination Certificate must be presented on drop off or on booking. Failure to provide proof of vaccination will unfortunately result in refusal to board with the full board payable.

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